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Van Ness Engineering's engine remanufacturing process

When you send your engine to Van Ness Engineering, you'll do it with confidence, knowing that it will be remanufactured to a standard better than factory new. Your engine will be returned to you after it has been inspected, rebuilt (using only the highest quality replacement parts), modified to run on modern-day fuels, and bench run to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance.

Disassembly & Remanufacture:

  • Disassemble complete engine and reverse gearBake, blast and tank block and all cast iron parts
  • Inspect all parts and components for cracks, imperfections, etc
  • Rebore the cylinders to next oversize
  • Deck surface of cylinder block
  • Replace valve seats with hardened seats for use with unleaded gasoline
  • Replace valve guides
  • Replace valve springs
  • Replace intake & exhaust valves
  • Install new cam bearings
  • Measure and regrind crankshaft
  • Nitrite crankshaft
  • Install new main bearings and rear main seal
  • Resize connecting rods, replace wrist pin bushings and fit to size
  • Assemble pistons on rods and install new piston rings
  • Install piston assemblies in cylinder block using new connecting rod bearings
  • Resurface valve lifters
  • Inspect camshaft and polish, regrind if necessary
  • Install valve lifters, camshaft, new valves, and valve springs
  • Rebuild oil pump
  • Clean and/or repair, replace oil pick-up screen
  • Resurface cylinder head
  • Inspect timing gear and install, replace gears if necessary
  • Prime all parts with red oxide primer and paint with two-coats of color

Prior to Reassembly:

  • Replace all valve seats, bearings, pinion shafts, and pinion bushings in reverse gear, sleeve shaft coupling
  • Inspect transmission clutch plates
  • Install gear case, oil pan, reverse gear, cylinder head, manifold, flywheel housing and flywheel
  • Replace fuel pump with new or completely rebuilt fuel pump
  • Rebuild distributor, carburetor, and water pump
  • Install new spark plugs, ignition wire set, and spark coil
  • Rebuild starter, generator and/or alternator
  • Replace generator belt, hoses and clamps
  • Install brass freeze out plugs in block
  • Repaint assembled engine
  • Test run for approximately 5-10 hours
  • Check all accessories for proper function
  • Adjust reverse gear
  • Retorque cylinder head

Parts Used in the Remanufacture of Vintage Marine Engines

  • 1-Set Pistons & Wrist Pins
  • 1-Set Pistons Rings
  • 1-Set Pin Bushings
  • 1-Set Rod Bearings
  • 1-Set Main Bearings
  • 1-Set Cam Bearings
  • 1-Set Valve Guides
  • 1-Set Valves & Valve Springs
  • 1-Oil Pump Rebuild Kit
  • 1-Fuel Pump Rebuild or Replace
  • 1-Reverse Gear Bearing
  • 1-Set Pinion Shafts & Pinion Shaft Bushings (if necessary)
  • 3-Reverse Gear Seals
  • 1-Shaft Coupling Sleeve
  • All Accessories Rebuilt: Starter, Alternator/Generator, Distributor, Carburetor, Water Pump
  • 1-Complete Gasket Set
  • 1-Ignition Wire Set
  • All Ignition Parts
  • 1-Generator Belt
  • All Hoses
  • Fuel Line
  • Primer & Paint